Monday, December 01, 2008

I finally went to see the film adaption of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight...

I enjoyed Stephenie Meyer's novel Twilight. I sighed at the romance, smiled at Bella and Edward, and shivered during vampire violence, so I definitely wanted to check out the movie.

And I believe this movie was made for the fans.

With very minor changes, the movie followed much of the major scenes of the book. I love when that happens.

I dragged my husband along to watch with me, what a great guy, huh? He liked when the action picked up, but he hadn't read the book! He didn't know all the scenes that made it to the movie. He couldn't compare novel Bella to film Bella or novel Edward to film Edward.

But I could, and it was fun. I'm going to share a bit about the movie that I enjoyed without giving too much away!

Scenes that made me sigh:

When Edward saved Bella--twice.
The scene in the forest.
Edward and Bella's first kiss.

Scenes that made me smile:

Edward's first reaction to Bella's scent.
Jasper's painful expression.
Vampire baseball.
Bella and her father's reactions to boys.

Scenes that made me shiver:

Edward and Bella's first kiss.
The scary vampires.

Would I have enjoyed the book less without having read the book...maybe, so I'm glad I introduced myself to the novel Edward and Bella before the film Edward and Bella!

So have you seen it? Share your thoughts or your blog links? If you haven't seen it, do you want to?


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TinaFerraro said...

I plan to see it soon!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Haven't seen it yet, but I sooo want to! :)

jennster said...

so i blogged about it twice... my so not pleased reaction the first time i saw it here

then my almost opposite reaction after the 2nd time here

please note that the posts have curse words...

Bianca said...

I saw it! 4 times to be exact! (1st and 2nd time I went on my own will, the rest i was dragged Lol.) Not that i minded though. It was really good. And i'm glad I read the book first because it was really fun to see all the scenes and hear all the lines come to life. I loved the Edward and Bella they used :) The cast all fit my descriptions of each character also, so that's a plus. My fave scene would have to be the baseball scene in both movie and book :)
But all the scenes which you described as making you shiver, and smile, and sigh were all mine too Lol. Go Team Edward! :P

Kelly Parra said...

Tina and Jess, let me know what you think!
thanks for the links and the warning, Jennster!
LOL, Bianca! I'm glad we enjoyed the same scenes!!

yabooknerd said...

the baseball scene was excellent. i went with my co-worker. you can hear our views here:

Anonymous said...

Kara would throw Twilight across the room after the first chapter. She wouldn't give Bella's simpering little insipid wimp the time of day. Maybe if this were the 1940s I could understand a heroine who has no life and no interests but her man... so why do so many liberated women love this book? Please help me understand!

Even the writing would earn a great big "C" in a sophomore English class.

On the other hand, I just finished this great book with much better writing and a compelling, well-drawn female protagonist.

Personally I'm waiting for the Invisible Touch movie.

Kelly Parra said...

Jennifer, fun, podcasts! Thanks for sharing!
haha, anonymous! In the Twilight novel I felt Bella and Edward's relationship was a little obsessive, in the movie I don't think I got the vibe, it felt like a teen romance.

You are so sweet! Thank you for your kind words about Touch!!

Natalie Hatch said...

Anon I think it touches a chord in most teens lives, they can relate to Bella. They wish that they could find someone who no matter how attractive he was only had eyes for them. I know the writing's not fantastic but the premise is a winner. I want to see Cassandra Clare's City of Bones as a movie.
I've seen Twilight and I did enjoy it more the second time - after I got over the wooden performances of Jasper and crew.

Kelly Parra said...

I don't find any problem with Ms. Meyer's writing style since I don't have a literary voice at all. haha. I'm big on storytelling!

I'm definitely a fan of Mortal Instrument Series, Natalie! It would be a wow of a movie!

Natalie Hatch said...

Kelly I thought about who would play Jace etc. I like the idea of Steven Straight (but he might be a bit old). My teen agrees with me on that one.