Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The FAT ANGIE Giveaway!

Many of our readers know the award-winning filmmaker and author, e. E. Charlton-Trujillo, from her young adult novels, FEELS LIKE HOME and PRIZEFIGHTER EN MI CASA.

We were delighted to get an advanced ready copy (ARC) of her newest young adult novel, FAT ANGIE which releases March 12, and to share this copy with one our YA Fresh commenters!

Her sister was captured in Iraq, she’s the resident laughingstock at school, and her therapist tells her to count instead of eat. Can a daring new girl in her life really change anything?

“Charlton-Trujillo offers a hard-hitting third novel that swings between incredibly painful low moments and hard-won victories.” Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review

* * * * *
While we don’t often review books on YA Fresh, I was already a fan of e. E. Charlton-Trujillo’s writing, and became captivated by the publisher’s blurb referring to it as a “darkly comic anti-romantic romance,” so I jumped right in as soon as the book arrived.

Right from the get-go, it’s clear that Angie’s problems far outweigh the average teen’s.  She feels “broken--by her can’t-be-bothered mother, by her high-school tormenters, and by being the only one who thinks she varsity-athlete-turned-war-hero sister is still alive.”  She has attempted suicide inside the crowded school gym.  Her only solace is junk food--until a new girl, KC, arrives at school who “is one hundred and ninety-nine percent wow...and who knows too well that the package doesn’t always match what’s inside.”

FAT ANGIE wasn’t an easy book for me to absorb.  I put it down a few times to get a breather from the high-arcing tension and the characters who could have helped her, yet whose actions exacerbated Angie’s problems and pain.  Keeping the pages turning through the tough scenes for me was Charlton-Trujillo’s spot-on, wry prose, and the strong attachment she’d helped me develop to Angie, making me want to be there for this girl when others weren’t, and to root her on to the happiness I knew she would find, through KC, and her own evolving character.

With an age range of 14 and up, I give a full “five stars” to this tough, yet compelling  read.

And I’d like to share a couple “teaser” photos from the book trailer currently in progress, which I believe to be showing the actresses playing Angie, and some of her high school tormenters.

When the trailer is available, I’ll be sure to post it here for full viewing.

So now, for our giveaway.  Please drop down and leave us a comment, simply telling us why you’d like to win a ARC of FAT ANGIE!


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Many of us have hobbies. I believe in them. I believe when you don't have school or work or family obligations, and you have a space of time that has nothing to fill it, spend your time doing something that makes you feel good. Growing up, my hobby was art and writing poetry. Sadly, I wasn't an avid reader until later in life. If I had the awesome YAs that fill the shelves now, back when I was in school, it would have been a different story! ;)

So how do I fill my hobby time when I'm not working, writing, reading or taking care of my family?

I still create. Most of the time with a computer. I enjoy creating and designing tees/totes/cards! It's just something fun to do! I've even made a couple for my books and some for writer/reader inspiration.

So how about you? What's your favorite hobby? I know we have a ton of readers visiting us. How about writers? Crafters? Painters? What hobby do you love to do in your spare time?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Kelly and I wish all our readers a Happy Valentine's Day!

My husband and I have a standing tradition of going out to dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day a night before or after, simply to avoid restaurant traffic.  This year, we can't find the time until this weekend, so for us, 2013 Valentine's Day is more like Valentine's Weekend!

We'd love to hear your plans or traditions! 


Monday, February 11, 2013

This Weekend's Winner!

The winner of an advanced reader copy of Notes from Ghost Town is DAPHNE MITCHELL!

Daphne, please e-mail me at and I'll get the book in the mail to you.

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway!  And keep dropping by here at YA Fresh.  We have many more book giveaways planned for the coming weeks and months!  

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Notes From Ghost Town ARC Giveaway

We are excited to offer an ARC (advanced reader copy) of Kate Ellison's newest book, due to hit shelves next week!

Olivia Tithe was excited for the summer and spending it with her best friend, Stern. But that was ruined when he was mur­ Olivia's mother. Flashing forward, Olivia's life has been transformed since that awful night. After her mother's incarceration, Olivia must move on, but she hates her father's new fiancée, Heather, and with her dad's new real estate development (she calls it Ghost Town) in the works, she barely sees him. But a new boy, Austin, has kindled feelings inside her that she hasn't felt since Stern's death. Arriving at the same time as this new guy is a mysterious note that brings Stern's murder back to the forefront; Olivia knows that she must discover the truth behind her friend's death once and for all.

Our contest runs from today through Sunday, February 10th, with the winner announced on Monday.  To be entered, all you need to do is tell us something you look forward to in the summer!  Good luck to all!