Fresh FAQs

Just the Facts, Ma'am

I am really excited about the cool visitors we have met through YA Fresh. I’m so honored t have you guys chat with us!

And because life in general is busy, busy, busy for Tina and I, we thought I’d list some FAQs for anyone who would like to be a guest on YA Fresh or just wants to know, “Who the heck are these peeps??”

So here we go…

What IS YA Fresh??

YA Fresh is a blog co-authored by Young Adult authors, Kelly Parra and Tina Ferraro. We like to talk about all that’s fresh with YA (& totally tween) novels, the authors who write them, and all the fresh teen topics we come across or pop into our heads. :) :) It’s a fun and friendly place!

How cool do you have to be, to be featured on YA Fresh?

For Interviews:

Hey, all authors who write for kids are cool! In order to be a guest here on YA Fresh, you just have to have written a YA novel or tween novel that is published through a traditional publisher. Just email me (Kelly) with “YA Fresh” in the subject line to the following email address (Kelly Parra at earthlink dot net) or Tina (admin at tinaferraro dot com) and we'll send the interview questions: See? Really easy! And if you'd like to give away a book during your interview, you are welcome to do so!

For Reviews:

Yikes! The requests for reviews became too overwhelming! So at the moment, we are not doing review requests and will chat up cool books as we can manage. But interviews are totally welcome!

For Randomly Pop Culture Topics:

Recently, I've been receiving emails regarding Teen fashion or video games, etc. Please don't contact me with these topics. We are a book site, and chat up pop culture items on a whim, but are focus is about Fresh Reading! Thanks a million! :)

I think that covers the most frequently asked questions …let me know if you have any others. And thanks again for visiting YA Fresh!