Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Austenland by Shannon Hale

Some weeks ago I posted a postcard from that Stephenie Meyer had given out at her mega Eclipse booksigning, endorsing some other books to her readers--including mine, Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress. (Yay!)

From that list, I have mentioned reading Robin Brande’s Evolution, Me and Other Freaks of Nature, and marveling at its wit and deft handling of what could be considered a sensitive subject matter. Definitely a winner!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of reading another from that postcard, Austenland by Shannon Hale...

The main character, 20-something Jane, seems to be on an ill- conceived and dead-ended quest for her own Mr. Darcy (especially as played by Colin Firth in BBC version of Pride and Prejudice). When her aunt bequeaths her a three-week stay at Austenland (a live recreation of the Regency/Jane Austen books period), she decides it might be healthy to try to “get real” and get the imaginary Mr. Darcy out of her system once and for all. So off she goes...

The storyline and characters are intriguing, and keep you guessing
as you try to decipher what is real and what is an act inside the
gates of Austenland. But if I had to choose one aspect as to why
this book sparkles, it is Shannon Hale’s narrative voice--so crisp
and funny, so “spot on,” as the British would say.

I recommend this book to all readers of romantic comedy, although for maximum enjoyment, you might want to rent the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice first...

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Kelly Parra said...

Tina, I really can't wait to read both books! Thanks for sharing about them! :)