Monday, April 02, 2007

The Yum Experience...

I mentioned before that I was slowly making my way through the Gilmore Girls DVDs, and I am now officially on Season 2. In Season 2, Lorelai is engaged and her best friend Sookie is throwing her a surprise wedding shower, and Lorelai walks in on all these beautiful heart-shaped cookies and cakes, and everything is pink and white and...yummy.

You're probably wondering, where is she going with this?

Where I'm going with this is straight to desserts. Yep, yummy desserts. Because the only yummy dessert I had in the house after looking at all the delicious desserts on Gilmore Girls were brownies! So I set out to make brownies.

Then I wondered, what are my favorite desserts? It used to be milkshakes. When I was younger, having the tallest, coldest, chocolate milkshake with whipped cream was the ultimate dessert experience. And now as a mature adult--hehe--it's cheesecake. Yum, cheesecake, but I'll travel far for a really good muffin. crumb...whatever gives that yummy goodness. And really, muffins can also be breakfast, a snack, or a dessert, right?

As I write this and stuff my face with a rich dark brownie, please dish--haha!--what's your favorite dessert? :) :)

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TinaFerraro said...

Ha--I went looking for something sweet tonight, too, and came up with hot fudge sauce in the back the fridge, which I heated and poured it over ice cream. There was a time when this would have been a 10 on a scale of 10 for me, but these days, my dream dessert usually excludes chocolate, more like a creme brule, flan or bread pudding.

Jessica Burkhart said...

Oooh, Kelly, I've been eyeballing my Gilmore Girls DVDs for a few months. I need to be finished with this semester before I start watching those or I'll never put down the remote. :)

Erica Orloff said...

Oddly enough, I don't have one. I have Crohn's disease and follow a macrobiotic diet to keep it in remission, so over the years, in and out of hospitals and so on, I sort of learned not to crave desserts--which I couldn't have. So now to me, a "wild" treat is a few almonds or something ridiculous like that. LOL! But I do sometimes have memories of going to Friendly's for hot fudge sundaes before I got sick. Hot fudge . . . heaven!

Kelly Parra said...

Yes, Tina, hot fudge is a classic Yum Experience. haha! :) Would you believe out of those 3 I've only tried the flan before? I must try the others soon!
Jessica, yes, the DVDs are addicting!! If I could have a weekend marathon I would. haha!
Hey Erica! Our Yum experience is what we make it. Toasty almonds sound good to me!

stephhale said...

Sigh, I'm on a diet so desserts are a thing of the past until I fall off the wagon. My favorite dessert is a dish a local restaurant makes called The Cookie Monster. It is a warm, freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and cherries piled on top of it. Yummmy!

Jen Robinson said...

Chocolate mousse cheesecake, hands down. I have a chocolate only policy in regards to dessert, which helps to narrow the field.

Rosemary Clement-Moore said...

My favorite deserts are rich but not too sweet. Creme brules is at the top, closely followed by a good tiramisu.

Mmmmm... must go rummage in the fridge now.

Kelly Parra said...

Oh Steph, the cookie monster sounds quite lovely. haha!
Jen, wow! That sounds so rich and good!! :) :)
Hi Rosemary, yes, all this talk is making me hungry again!! :)

Ella Enchanted said...

Oh my God. I have the sweetest tooth ever. So the question is, what ISN'T my favorite dessert, haha. But I think I have an affinity for cheesecakes. Especially those covered with strawberry filling. Or brownies with icecream on top and caramel syrup.

Sigh. Now I'm hungry. :)

Kelly Parra said...

Ella, I love the cheesecakes with fruit fillings too! :):)

GeminiWisdom said...

#1) Cream cheese pie from Marie Callendar's. I've become such a connoiseur of this, that I know when it's not freshly made.

#2) Tiramisu from The Cheesecake Factory. The slabs are huge and fabulous.

Kelly Parra said...

Yes, another cheesecake fan! Thanks, GW!!