Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How do you like your YA novels?

I've been thinking what I like in a YA novel, and I guess it really isn't different from what I enjoy in other genres too.

When I started writing, it was all about the love of a good story. Characters to root for. A story to suck me in and pull me quickly along. To make me *feel*. And that's what I like in YA novels and how I try to write my own. :)

And since I feel like I've grown up soaking up movies instead of books--bad, Kelly!--I see my books unfold in my mind, scene by scene, rather than the words flowing from my fingers.

I try to write my scenes like a movie. For me, there is just something great about visualizing scenes as I read along with the character's journey.

So how do you like your YA novels? Heavy on characterization with a side of plot? Or something different? :) :)

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Jessica Burkhart said...

Good question. Like you, I write my book as if it was a script, so to speak, and really concentrate on a fast plot.

I've been using this summer to watch lots of movies I haven't seen before, so I think that's amping up my movie addiction.

Also, I think I watched MOULIN ROUGE for the thousandth time. LOL :)

Kelly Parra said...

Jessica, I devour books and I devour movies! haha! Great stories are just what I want. :) :)

TinaFerraro said...

Personally, as a reader, I like a lot of dialogue and action and twists and turns, so that's what I strive for in my writing. I also like books written in first person, and so, ditto!

pixy said...

Great question, Kelly!

There's this wonderful thing that happens when you pick up an awesome book, or watch an amazing movie, where you connect with the characters. The essence of the perfect escape--becoming someone else for a little while.

It's why I love to write. People just fascinate me, and I want to watch as their story unfolds in my mind.

So, in my opinion, YA books are best served with super characters and heaping scoop of riveting plot.

Kelly Parra said...

Tina, we're together on the dialogue and action! :)
Great answer, Pixy! Thanks! :)

stephhale said...

I'm all about the plot!

Kelly Parra said...

Great, Steph! :)

alexgirl said...

That is a great question. And I can totally relate to your response. I think more visually as well.
I love great characters, but I can't get into a book if there's no plot.

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Alex! :)