Friday, March 09, 2007

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This is Kelly Parra reporting on the recent Cyber City YA Buzz...

Straight from the Galleycat: Teens Buying Books More Than Ever
Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Celia Goodnow checks in on one of the happier publishing trends, where teens are buying books in numbers not seen in decades. "Kids are buying books in quantities we've never seen before," said Booklist magazine critic Michael Cart, a leading authority on young adult literature. "And publishers are courting young adults in ways we haven't seen since the 1940s." Credit a bulging teen population, a surge of global talent and perhaps a bit of Harry Potter afterglow as the preteen Muggles of yesteryear carry an ingrained reading habit into later adolescence.

Fantasy and graphic novels are especially hot, Goodnow discovers, and adventure, romance, humor and gritty coming-of-age tales remain perennial favorites. In addition, racy series such as GOSSIP GIRL -- often likened to a teen "Sex and the City" -- have created a buzz. More notably, though, there's a new strain of sophistication and literary heft as publishers cater to the older end of the spectrum with books that straddle teen and adult markets. Teens' increased disposable income is a big factor, too, leading to more sales, more choice and better quality. In other words, for those who might overlook YA fiction because it's ostensibly written for kids, you'd be doing a serious disservice - there's lots of good stuff out there, just waiting to be found.

It's all there, YA fic fans!

Fantasy, graphic novels, adventure, romance, humor, gritty coming-of-age, racy, literary, books that are for teens and adults.

It's not news the YA Fiction industry is growing. Teens are reading more and more. Authors are reaching out to young readers with the Internet. The days of authors being aloof or some mysterious person behind the words like I remember growing up, are history. (Yes!) And best of all readers are sharing what they love best. This is a great thing, and not because I write YA fic. I love reading YA. I love that teens are digging in. And I'm just thrilled the word is being spread more and more! :) :)

Also a quick tidbit from Shelf Awareness:
Effective last month, Orange Avenue and its new teen imprint, Zest Books, are being distributed by Independent Publishers Group. The company was previously distributed by Publishers Group West.

In a statement, Hallie Warshaw, publisher of Orange Avenue, which has headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., said, "We think there is a strong market out there for fun, gifty, humorous, nonfiction teen books that are highly visual and address topics that are important to this age group. Our books--which are smart, well written and hip--offer something new and different."

Spring titles include Decoding Mom and Where's My Stuff? The Ultimate Teen Organizing Guide. Fall titles include 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School and Uncool--A Girl's Guide to Misfitting In.

Yes, YA non-fic is on the rise too! :) Soooo very Fresh!

Until next time...keep reading and spreading the YA Buzz. :)

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Little Willow said...

Would you be scared if I told you I've read all of these books except for ...Fireflies and ...Prom Dress? (Since it has not yet been released, of course.)


TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, terrific news across the board! More teens are reading, and more books are selling--a win/win!

And Little Willow, I will definitely bite here: whose book did you read yesterday?

Lastly, Kelly, when I first saw the collection of books in your blog, I assumed it was an internet download, until a very familiar dark pink binding jumped out at me. My head spun for a moment 'til I realized this was a pic of some of your personal library!


Kelly Parra said...

LW, since they are all mine, I wouldn't be scared. So don't worry!

*gulp* Was it mine? WASITMINE?? haha!


Thanks, Tina!
Yes, it's part of my YA books. I've been playing with photography lately. Another creative outlet. And of course, had to add PROM DRESS! =D

I never asked, does the read deal Prom Dress book look different than the arc?

TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, the "real" PROM DRESS cover is a slightly lighter pink, and of course the numbers are on the dress. And the whole book is softer--the pages, the cover. Makes it wonderful to cuddle. Not that I'd know anything about THAT!

stephhale said...

I like the pic, Kelly. And seeing Tina's book spine made me realize something I hadn't before. It looks like they used the same font on our books, which is called hairspray. Tina, we can't get away from each other! :)

Kelly Parra said...

Tina, I can't wait to see it on my local book store's shelf! And yeah, cuddling. Who knows anything about cuddling books? ;D


Hi Steph, thanks! That's right--it is the same font! Hairspray is definitely cool!!

Ella Enchanted said...

I just found this blog, so yay for me!

And how cool is it that the more teens are realizing just how cool it is to read?

Both of your books sound really good. :)

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Ella, welcome to YA Fresh!

Thanks about our books, and I checked out your very cool blog. I love the design! And it's awesome you're a writer! :)

Lisa Asanuma said...

I really hope this helps to combat the bigger issue of people reading less altogether. I've been hearing a lot of buzz here and there about how books are being phased out - most books now only go through one printing, etc. Finding out that the younger audiences are really getting into reading is very encouraging!

Also, that's a very nicely taken photo! :)

Kelly Parra said...

Lisa, it is encouraging for the future of books and the industry! And thanks about the pic! :)

TinaFerraro said...

Hey, Ella, thanks for stopping by and weighing in. We're a friendly group and we'd love you to visit often.

Ella Enchanted said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys.

And don't worry, now that I've found this safe little haven there's no way I'm leaving it.

You're stuck with me, ladies. :)

Little Willow said...

Kelly, yes, yours! What a great journey Angel took - which you gave her - and what an adorably fitting and easy-to-picture tag she ends up with. :)

Kelly Parra said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, LW!! Thanks so much!! :) :)