Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress Week at YA Fresh!!

That's right YA fans, this week it's all about Tina Ferraro's debut novel, Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, hitting shelves Tuesday, March 13th at a book store near you! You're not going to want to miss this fresh fun.

Stay tuned for a one-on-one interview with Tina and me, an absolutely cool contest, and of course, some prom dress gossip!

Did I manage to go to my senior prom? Yes. Did I have a magical pink dress? Sorry, no. It was black, long, but lots of fun. :) So I'm kicking off the week with the ...
Top Ten Tips on What Not to do on Prom Night

1) Don't stay clear of the dance floor. Who cares if you're not ready for "Dancing with the Stars". If your with your friends, it's all about fun. Dance with a partner or with a group. When the music starts bumping, shake those hips!

2) Don't bring the spiked heels. It's no fun when the feet start a-achin' while strolling with your date. Believe me, comfort will be the magic word by the middle of the night. *sigh* Trust me, I know!

3) Don't wait too long for your Prom photo. Take your prom pics first, so you can have your fun without worrying about the hair taking a limp dive. :) It happens!

4) Please, no See-food! Keep those lips closed when munching out. Your date will surely appreciate it. haha!

5) BTW, don't forget the mints! There's nothing as gross as reminding your date of what you had for dinner--one hour later. Yikes!

6) Don't forget the cam! This is one of those nights with your friends you'll want to remember. Take the great shots you want to cherish!

7) Don't let it be all about you. When you're chatting with your date, ask questions about his or her interests, and share yours. No one likes a one-sided conversation!

8) Don't forget the after-prom party clothes. Plan ahead, and take a change of clothes that's totally you and totally comfy.

9) No fibbing to the parentals. Come on, yeah, you want to have fun, but also want to stay safe and be upfront with the parents so everyone has a good night.

10) Don't get hissy with your frenemies! Booooring. Leave your tiffs for another time. This is a night of fun, not a night for flying fists.

Share your "not to do" Prom tips, if you got 'em!

10 fresh comments:

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, Kelly, thank you so much for devoting a whole week to my book--and for all that you did to help make this dream come true!

And while I COULD go getting all sentimental here, I think I'd do better to stick the topic, Things Not to Do. (And great list, BTW.) Here's one from me:

Do not think you can't go to the prom if you don't have a "hot" date--or one at all. Lots of people these days just go in groups of friends and have perfectly magical times. In fact, if this had been the trend back "in my day," I might have actually gone.

Looking forward to hearing some other tips, too!

Kelly Parra said...

You're welcome, Tina! I'm just so happy that you are going to be rewarded for all your hard work these past years with your writing!!

Great Not to do tip!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ladies,

Wow what a fabulous idea :) Ahhh thats so sweet of you Kelly. Unfortunately, although i didn't go to the prom, the only suggestion i have is:

Don't feel like you have to please your date (if you decide to go with one) by giving him 'your flower', hoping he will like you more if you do.

Best of luck with the launch of your book Tina :)
I know it will be fantastic for you


Ella Enchanted said...

You know, I don't really have any other tips to add (those were really good and cute!).

I think the most important one is to not idealize the night as the best one that you will ever have, or that it has to be perfect, or that you have to have a date.

Oh, and always bring your compact mirrors with you ladies! And if you dance, make sure you hold on to the hem of your dress if it's long.

Just trust me on it. Heh.

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Mirella, great point and thanks for adding to the list!
Ella, yes! Everything doesn't have to be perfect. And oh yeah, the long dress can get tricky on the dance floor!

TinaFerraro said...

Mirella, how fun to see you here from MySpace! And thanks for your advice to prom-goers, something I agree with totally! Please, visit us again often.

Ella, very good point about not making too much out of the night! I used to do with with New Year's Eve, and inevitably ended up disappointed. Then I lessened my expectations and started having fun.

And...just have to share, it's 9:00 PST, which means it's midnight on the east coast, so it's March 13...and I'm a published author!

Ella Enchanted said...

Congratulations, Tina! That must be so exicting for you. I throw cyber confetti your way. :)

Lisa Asanuma said...

2) Don't bring the spiked heels.

You know, I actually wore foam flipflops to my prom! They were chocolate brown and matched my dress really well, and it wasn't like anybody was looking at my feet, anyhow! =)

My only tip to add would be that if you're going with a group of people (and can't afford a limo lol) is don't forget to plan out rides carefully! That sounds obvious, but my group ended up having to scramble things around at the last minute on the way home, and that wasn't the best scenario, obviously!

Kelly Parra said...

Great one, Lisa, thanks! Yes, the flip flops are definitely comfy!

Niki Burnham said...

Great suggestions so far! "Don't idealize the night" is key.

I went to prom my junior year, but didn't go my senior year. At my school, no one went alone (what is WITH that?) and I didn't have a date. So I stayed home with my brother and watched this horrifying movie, Gorky Park, on Armed Forces Network. it sounds terribly pathetic, but the thing was, I really had fun! We had popcorn and stayed up late and made a night of it.

Prom is ALL about what you make of it. Even when you don't go!