Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Fresh!

We are continuing our occasional Friday series of random questions of things we really want to know about you.

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes--and why. (You’ll be surprised what it will reveal about you.)

What shoes do I love?

My low-heeled black sandals. At this point, they’re starting to show wear and tear in places, but I am ignoring it, and planning to wearing them forever.

Why do I love them?

They are comfortable, of course. And they are my “anything” shoes. They work with most any outfit, from a bathing suit to shorts to jeans to out-to-dinner wear.

What does this say about me?

Uh...I value flexibility? (Actually, I do!)

Okay, who is next?

10 fresh comments:

Kelly Parra said...

I actually have a few faves for different times of the year, haha! During the summer I'm a straight flip flop girl, then in the winter it's my old beat up Uggs to keep me warm. Then I just have my slip on tennies that are simple and comfy. :) :)

Erica Orloff said...

I am one of those rare females who doesn't love shoe shopping, doesn't own heels. Most of the time, I am barefoot or in socks. BUt, my fave pair, if I had to name a pair, is my 18-year-old red snakeskin cowboy boots. They are bright red, and perfectly broken in, and I've had 'em nearly forever. And when I wear them, because they are BRIGHT red, I feel very non-comformist and very rebellious, of which I am both those things . . . and I wear 'em every day in the winter. :-)

TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, I have a favorite old pair of Uggs, too, that I wear to outdoor evening sporting events.

And Erica, during the summer, I spend a lot of time barefoot, too! Another reason I love those sandals...I can slip into them at a moment's notice and tear out of the house.

Sara Hantz said...

Winter is definitely the Uggs. And for summer I have the most comfortable pair of flat sandals ever! Once I find a pair of shoes that I love, I wear them to death.... and some!

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, yeah, it's soooo hard to part with the great shoes. Thanks, Sara!

Kiki said...

I hate show-shopping witha passion. It always makes me feel so inadequate!
My favourite pair of shoes are definitely my extra-high grey-and-black Converse. I'd wear them to formal events if I could!
I've always been a Chucks girl *wave to KP's icon*, from my first pair at age 11, I've always owned at least one pair. They go with a surprising array of clothes if you only pick the right colour.

I even once owned a pair of high-heeled Chucks. The height of awesomeness (even if they were two sizes too small).

I have no idea what that says about me.

TinaFerraro said...

Kiki, I'd say your shoe preference points to adaptable, spirited and fun! Thanks for weighing in!

alexgirl said...

Shoes! I could go on for days.
I love thin sneakers. I'm coveting a pair of sleek blue Saucony's right now.
But I also love the new pointy toed black patent flats I bought. Sexy flats can get you through anything.
Great topic!

TinaFerraro said...

Wow, Alex, thin sneakers, what a cool look! I tend to wear the clunky kind since I do mountain-type walking (not hiking, mind you, that's too strenuous for me), but yeah, the thin ones are soooo pretty. (Note to file...)

Thanks for joining in!

Celise said...

I have a pair of cheap Keds type shoes that I love. My Mom always got us stuff she could wash, including tennies, and I think that stuck with me. I got them at Payless and they're washable. I love'em.