Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year/Happy New Blogger

Thanks again to Kelly for inviting me to join her here at YA FRESH!

I thought I’d open with some info about Kelly and me...

We met through an on-line critique coordinator, at a time when neither of us had a publishing contract, an agent, or a clear direction in our writing careers. Almost four years later, we’ve both made a lot of writing dreams come true, and remain thick as thieves--or as I like to say, “twins separated at birth”. Even though it seems as if we’re more different than alike...

--I am old enough to be Kelly’s...uh...much-older sister.
--Her husband is covered in tattoos; mine in freckles.
--My ancestors were mostly from Europe; Kelly’s came from as close as Mexico and far as the Philippines.
--She limits herself one cup of French Vanilla Café a day (unless on deadline); I lose control--and count--of my cups when flavored creamer is in the house.
--I root for The Apprentice; Kelly likes to watch Big Brother reality TV.
--She avoids flying; I spend so much time on planes that I look for my seat belt in the movie theater.
--I tend to write conflicted good girls; Kelly loves to get into the heads of the bad ones.

Differences aside, our love of writing brought us together, and proved something neither knew back in high school: that while having friends “just like you” is terrific, sometimes having friends who are different is even better. :)

See you on Friday!


5 fresh comments:

Kelly Parra said...

Good to have you here, Tina! Happy New Year!!

Sara Hantz said...

I loved reading about how you two got together and how different you are.

It reminds me of my crit group - there are 4 of us, all over the world and totally different in many ways, but carbon copies of each other in others.

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Sara! And good to see you again. :)


GeminiWisdom said...

Very cool. "Books..." is also on my blogroll. I like hangin' out over there. Especially on Wednesdays...

TinaFerraro said...

Oh, yes, Gemini, you're one of our good friends at BooksBoysBuzz. And yep, TLC does a terrific job with her Hump Day Hotties. Thanks for visiting and commenting here, too!