Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Styles of My Teen Years...

I was thinking of the style of clothing I wore growing up. Oh man, my grade school days were embarrassing!

I remember pinning pants to form to my legs, spandex biker shorts, acid-wash jeans, and football team jackets. Lots of gel and rubber bracelets. LOL!

So let's just go straight to my high school days where it's still a little embarrassing, but not as bad as grade school. ;)

Here are a few items I found from a list on In The 90s...

-Doc Martens
They were boots and sandles that were very popular. They cost around $100 a pair, but almost every teen had a pair in the late 90's. (Oh yes! In fact, in the first novel I wrote, my heroine loved her Docs!)

-Flare Jeans
Similar to bell bottoms with less of a flare! (Sadly, I still like my flare, only now they call them wide leg. :))

-Overalls (coveralls)
Teens wore their overalls in two ways: They wore their overalls with a belt, and let the 'front flap' and 'back straps' hang straight down. The other way, was to only hook together one side of the overal straps, and leave the opposite side open.The popular over-all styles were: light blue; or gray stone-washed; overalls, with lots of zippers and metal buttons down the sides. (I loved the overalls. They were comfy and kick-back.)

-Back-Pack Purses
Exactly what the name describes; a miniture back-pack used as a purse. (I've had my share, and may still own one! At least they are made a lot more stylish these days. :))

-Spiral Perms
Long, spiraly curls ala Mariah Carey, were very popular in the early to mid 90s. (uh-huh, no comment.)

-White Hairband or Scrunchies
A narrow, elastic white hairband worn near the front of the hair by teenage girls and young women in the late 1990s. (Headband & scrunchie galore!)

4 fresh comments:

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks for those wonderful memories! As we've stated here at YA Fresh, I'm old enough to be your "older sister," and in my high school days, girls were all about the natural look--straight hair in our faces, little-to-no make-up, unisex types clothes. UGH! I think I would have jumped at the chance for a scrunchie or spiral perm. :)

Kelly Parra said...

lol, Tina! I guess there are some embarrassing styles for each of us!

Nienke said...

Cougar boots and bomber jackets. Feathered hair and Tickle deodorant. I am OLD!

Kelly Parra said...

Okay, I know the jackets, but haven't heard of the Tickle deoderant. haha! Thanks, Nienke!