Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Friendship and Volleyball and all the good stuff in between...

I was cruising the movie rentals this past weekend, not sure what I was looking for. Just strolling along...when--bam--MTV films printed on a DVD cover caught my eye, with high school girls wearing athletic uniforms. And looking very tough, I might add. :)
The movie?

All You've Got

About two rival high school volleyball teams who have to join together as one team after tragic circumstances. This movie has really interesting themes, cultural and social differences, friendship and guys, and the dilemmas of father/daughter relationships. I kept wondering if this film had been a novel. It struck me as an intense YA drama.

And since it was an MTV film it had an outstanding soundtrack with live performances by top hip-hop artists, as well as starring the talented artist, Ciara.

Gabby, is a petite, fiesty Latina and Lauren, a wealthy, naive blond. Two girls so culturally and socially different, with two things in common: Volleyball and winning an athletic scholarship to their top college. The viewer watches an unlikely friendship form, especially with the added complication of a cute guy thrown into the mix.

Then today as I skimmed some recent YA sales, I find this:
Author of the YA novel and MTV film ALL YOU'VE GOT Karol Ann Hoeffner's SURF ED, in which a girl, irritated that she's forced to move from Texas to California after her parents' divorce, tackles high school romance and the surfing world, to Bethany Buck at Simon Pulse...

This movie was first a novel by Karol Ann Hoeffner! You know what this means?

I'm going to have order the book now. ;)

Check out the movie if you're looking for a good teen flick!

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TinaFerraro said...

I definitely will check it out, Kelly. And as you know, Nicolette in PROM DRESS played v-ball, but I was winging it between your recollections and the help of a friend's daughter who was playing. Sounds like this author's got the real goods! Thanks for the recommendation.


Kelly Parra said...

You're welcome, Tina! Yes, as I was watching them play some intense volleyball games, I thought this would have been the perfect movie for you to watch as you were writing PROM. =D

Alex Richards said...

Oooh, how fabulous! I'll definitely Netflix the movie, and probably get the book too! Gotta love the YA lifestyle.
The movie poster reminded me of "Bring It On: All or Nothing" which is also on my Netflix queue. It came highly recommended. And if you haven't seen "Stick It" you totally should. It ruled.