Friday, December 08, 2006

Yes, it's a fresh new look for YA Fresh!

I really liked the old template, but this one is very refreshing and inviting. All the cool free temp sites are like 200 links from the most popular on a google search--ugh--it took forever to find another that I could stare at everyday. haha!

Here are a few other cool and unique free template sites, you might want to check out...

Pink Design

I really loved the unique temps at Pink Design. Very pretty!

Laughing Lion Design

Not many here, but very clean. Also I had to tweak some of the coding for the links to work correctly. As you can tell I really liked the design.

Pannasmontata Templates

Cool temps here, too! Lots to choose from.

Isnaini Templates
Really great selection here. Some of it is hard to follow since the coding is in a foreign language, but still easy to use.

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