Monday, August 17, 2009

MC Spotlight #17: How To Salsa in a Sari by Dona Sarkar

YA Fresh MC Spotlight #17!

How To Salsa In A Sari (Kimani Tru)

First, Issa Mazumder's nerdy boyfriend dumps her for popular Latina princess Cat Morena—as if Cat even likes him. She just hates Issa. And for good reason: Issa finds out that her mother not only has been dating Cat's dad, but is going to marry him. That means they're moving into Cat's huge house. And not only is Issa's stepsister-to-be a total beyotch, she has no respect for Issa's Indian and African-American heritage. But Issa gets some tough advice: if she wants Cat Morena to welcome her traditions, Issa had better learn how to salsa in a sari.
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"My inspiration is and always has been my loving family, my fabulous critique partners, my supportive friends all over the world, and of course my devoted husband and best friend Manav, who is my greatest enthusiast and critic.

Manav and I currently live in Kirkland, Washington where we are regularly bossed over by a very demanding gray tabby named Ash. I still have my 'real' job at Microsoft but make sure to write at least one page every day." 

Dona Sarkar is the author of How To Salsa in a Sari and Shrink To Fit. Visit her website,

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TinaFerraro said...

Oh, I read this book and loved it! She came out with another multi-cultural one after this called SHRINK TO FIT...also a keeper!

sansan riswana said...
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