Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tina and Kelly Talk Kindle!

Many of you know that Amazon has released their own electronic book reader called a Kindle.

In recent months, we have both bought Kindles. Tina ordered hers last fall, and Kelly got hers up after the new year in what turned out to be the newer version, or Kindle 2.

We’ve been meaning to talk to about Kindles, their differences and similarities, and decided YA Fresh was *the place* for that convo (since YA Fresh is *the place* for everything YA book-related, huh?)

Tina: Hey, Kel!
Kelly: Hi Tina!

Tina: I’ve been aware of electronic books and electronic reading devices for years, have had several friends who have loved them, but never thought they’d be for me. Until I learned our books were being released on Kindle. And then it felt like a must-have.
Kelly: I had heard about e-book readers as well, but became really interested when my lit agent got her Kindle and was thrilled with it. I really wanted to check out e-book readers. So from there I went on my own e-reader search. The Kindle was high-priced, not to mention out of stock by the time I gathered the funds. I also checked out the Sony reader but it wasn’t compatible with my Mac! Ugh. The Kindle had that cool convenience of whispernet, straight to my Kindle whenever I wanted, instead of having to hook up to my Mac for download. But alas, I had to wait…

Tina: I ordered mine in early November. From what I heard, Amazon was inundated with orders, and had I waited another week, I wouldn’t have been able to get one for Christmas. I felt pretty lucky. And it was fun to open it on Christmas eve and go to the website and download my books.
Kelly: Yes, that’s so fun! I got mine the week they released the Kindle 2 in February. I’ve discovered the downside of owning a Kindle, you can pretty much only read Amazon-sold books on it, but I really like that I can also read docs and pdfs once I get them converted, which lets me read my author friends’ files!

Tina: Another thing I like about the Kindle is that I can change the font size--and I do, depending on how tired my eyes are. It helps keep the pages turning for me.

Kelly: I do like that feature, plus there is also experimental features on the Kindle2 such as internet access and an MP3 player!

Tina: My only complaint has been that the page turn bars run so long on each side on my Kindle that I sometimes accidentally turn pages.

I actually addressed this with their Customer Service, and was told it would be corrected in Kindle 2. I’ve looked at the picture on the website and see you’ve got more free hand space. So your wait was worth it!

Kelly: I think that would have irritated me too. I’m happy with the Kindle 2. I wonder what the “K3” will be like… :)

Tina: Who knows , I might end up buying one?

So, turning the discussion to our readers now. Do any of you have Kindles or want them or have thoughts or questions to share?

And for those of you interested in checking out our books in Kindle format, here are the links:

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15 fresh comments:

freewriter said...

Our school corporation recently looked into the e books for the high school but some of the older teachers shot the idea down. I was interested in the idea because I think it would be great.

Leigh said...

I really do think this is the future of books, much to my chagrin, but I also admit to being very intrigued by an e-reader. I kind of like the idea of always having a book with me or being able to download as I'm interested in reading it. But when will it be affordable?

Thao said...

It looks really beautiful and convenient...but I still like real books betterl Haha.

Erika Lynn said...

i don't have one and I don't really want one. I understand the convenience but I want to have a book in my hands.

Kelly Parra said...

Great input everyone!

Yes, paper books will always have a place in readers' hearts! I love the feeling of walking into a book store. haha.

I also believe we cannot ignore the digital future so I'm embracing it as it comes. I think prices will begin to shrink as more books become digital and various ebook readers become available.

Anonymous said...

I like real books myself, but if my library or local bookstore doesn't have a copy, it's pretty easy to just buy an ebook copy. It's also cheaper than real books and doesn't kill thousands of trees. There's pros and cons to this of course, but I think maybe the benefits of things like the Kindle may be overall better than regular book printing. I still like regular books though.

Oh yeah, and it's probably hard to carry around 100 books in your suitcase while traveling than to carry them in ebook form :P

TinaFerraro said...

I'm enjoying this conversation, and pretty much "ditto" what Kelly said about loving paper books but embracing the new electronic age...

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

I don't know if I want one or not. I like that you can make the font bigger, because staring at computer screens all day makes my eyes hurt, which is one of the main reasons I've stayed away from ebooks. I like that it's easy to take with you and the books are affordable, and more and more books are being released that way. Plus, I kind of want one just so I feel like I'm on Star Trek!:) (I know, I'm a nerd!)

susanhatler said...

I don't have a Kindle, but have been curious about them. The fact that you can store a bunch of books in one kindle instead of lugging a ton with you is appealing. Also, I heard the ebooks cost less. Is that true?

TinaFerraro said...

Yes and yes, Susan! They store a lot of books and the cost is slightly lower per book.

The Golfing Librarian said...

Kelly and Tina,
Since we're talking about the Kindle, I have a somewhat related question.
As authors, do you share the opinion of Roy Blount, Jr. (Exec. Dir. of the Authors Guild) that the Kindle's text-to-speech feature violates copyright by essentially offering an audiobook without Amazon purchasing the audio rights?

Iris Black said...

I think a K3 will definitely be in color... Now I just have to hoard enough spare change to get me one when it's released... LOL


Head on over- my story will ONLY be available electronically!

Anonymous said...

I've been considering getting a Kindle, but I love having books.

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Chuck,

The text to speech is obviously a controversial subject on the K2. Personally, I don't use it because it sounds like a robotic voice. But I will admit that I don't feel it infringes on the audio rights currently because it doesn't record, but that is just my personal opinion and later down the road with different aspects coming into account, my thoughts could change on the matter!

amyonymous said...

i have a kindle (1) and while i like it a lot, i like real books better. BUT, i travel often and take the kindle rather than a stack of books, and i too like the font feature, because my eyes get tired and its nice to be able to enlarge the font and keep reading. i like the ease of downloading books (could be dangerous to my budget, however!) and i like getting classics really cheap.