Monday, September 15, 2008

Strike Up The Band!

Fall semester in high school doesn’t just mean new classes, new lockers and football games to also means the start of a new season of Marching Band!

Ask those who have joined the’s more than just making noise in the bleachers. It’s excitement, it’s camaraderie, it’s making the good times happen.

Take a look at some of the ultra-cool celebs who walked the astro-turf in band shoes:

Shania Twain (trumpet)
Brandon Routh (trumpet)
Julia Roberts (clarinet)
Eva Longoria (clarinet)
Rainn Wilson (clarinet)
Bill Clinton (sax)
Vince Carter (sax)
Gwen Stefani (flute)
Alanis Morisette (flute)

I have spent countless hours at high school football games, admiring the talents, musicianship, and teamwork of the Marching Bands. And who knows? Maybe today’s marchers will be tomorrow’s stars.

How about you? Are you a Marching Band fan? Or are you--or did you--participate in your school’s Marching Band?

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C.R. Evers said...

I'm a marching band fan. The thought of it brings back memories of football games, fall parades and all things high-school! Neat post!


The Golfing Librarian said...

My Senior year in H.S. I was approched by the Concert Band Director and asked if I'd play the Tuba parts on my Bass, since he didn't have a Tuba player that year. We did the usual Concert band concerts, and then he informed my that "parade season" was 6 weeks away and would I like to learn to play the Sousaphone or the Cymbals? When I began to protest, he looked at me like EVERYONE knew that Concert Band was Marching Band too! Needless to say, I went with the cymbals.
BTW, those 100% wool uniforms were so *&%@# hot!!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Christy. I feel the same way.

And Chuck, uh-yeaaaah on Concert Band bleeding into Marching Band. You were probably too busy with homework (read: girls) to have gotten that memo, huh?

Kelly Parra said...

I have never played an instrument but always wanted too! haha. Maybe one day I will. :)

Janie Emaus said...

I never played an instrument. And my kids weren't in band. But I spent many, many hours on hard benches watching them play sports. Sometimes I miss those days.


stephhale said...

I played the clarinet from fifth grade until I graduated. I have great memories from marching band. Tina has already heard my stories about the wool uniforms making me break out in hives and my hat saving my life when it absorbed the impact (mostly) of a football. I agree with Chuck about the wool uniforms being, um, really hot. :)

Chirstina Lee said...

I did Color Guard. I know its not THE band, but we were with the band. It was absolutely incredible.

TinaFerraro said...

Kelly, I've been threatening to learn how to play the harp. Don't see that in a marching band, but whatever! =)

Yeah, Steph, those uniforms are heavy, huh?

And Christina, Color Guard rocks!

Jena said...

I was an honorary band member--all my friends were band geeks, so I sat with them at the football games. And my kids will learn to play an instrument (when/if I have them).

Hope. said...

I'm more of a choir geek than a band geek. Band doesn't have the instrument I play - piano. :p

Lenore said...

I played clarinet - but not in marching band.