Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicken and Waffles???

When I first heard the term “chicken and waffles,” I thought it was a joke.  Like tuna and ice cream? Corn Flakes and meatballs?  What???

But lately, many people here on the west coast have been mentioning to me how much they love that meal.  I did a little research and discovered the combo started in the southeast, perhaps as far back as the 1800’s, usually as a “hearty Sunday morning breakfast” in African-American communities. 

Okay, I love southern cooking.  I love fried chicken.  I love waffles.  So what was I waiting for?

Last Friday, I grabbed a couple family members and off we went the chicken-and-waffle place.  I ordered the classic plate. 

When it arrived, I admit it looked strange to my eye.  First I tried the fried chicken, which I have to say, was extremely well seasoned and tasty.  Then I tried the waffle with butter and syrup, which was less sweet than I was accustomed to, yet surprisingly and pleasantly cinammony.  Then I took bites together.

Eureka!  It was wonderful!  A new fan is born!

So while I am not going to become a regular there--let’s be honest, you pay for your pleasure with the calorie and fat count--I will now applaud its togetherness, and definitely go back for more!

How about you?  Tried chicken and waffles?  Or do you want to?

4 fresh comments:

Jessy said...

It doesn't even look like they belong on the plate together!

Leigh Purtill said...

Did you go to Roscoe's?? It's not far from where I live, although I've never been. As a vegetarian, I don't have much desire to try it but when I moved here and someone told me about it, I thought it was a place that served both but not together!

TinaFerraro said...

Leigh, I did go to Roscoe's, which apparently is a chain. But I'm hearing there are lots of places featuring this interesting combo!

Janie Emaus said...

I have never tried this meal, but I know how popular it is from watching the Food Network. Fact is, I don't like waffles, but I'll take the chicken.