Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tweet, Tweet!

On a whim last week, I joined Twitter. I suddenly have about 50 followers, and am following probably as many. But I definitely have not gotten the hang of it.

Perhaps it’s because I was eased into social networking through MySpace and Facebook, where (to my way of thinking, at least) you post a status to start up conversations. I love signing on to see scores of comments and joining into the chat on other people's pages. And I find it very handy when I need help with book research, like teen slang and fashion.

But with Twitter, it just seems like I am talking to myself. I mean, no one comments back, right? Although I have to assume somewhere, someone is listening, so I can’t be completely ridiculous and launch into the kinds of inane statements I’d make when I was truly alone. Who cares how many cycles the dryer has now run or if my pretty kitty liked her tuna snack? LOL.

So I would love to hear from our readers about Twitter. Can you help me to get the most out of it?

And if you’d like to follow Kelly and me, she is "kparra" and I am "PromMom3."

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Stasia said...

I'm also fairly new to Twitter and agree that it is a different, more evanescent mode than FB. I find the best way to utilize Twitter is to use hashtags (#yalitchat; #amreading) and direct your messages to readers and writers specifically. Using Tweetdeck so you can follow different hashtage conversations also helps. Love reading your blog!

TinaFerraro said...

Thank you, Stasia! The hashtags idea sounds perfect.

LM Preston said...

Some twitter tricks is: download tweetdeck.com it makes it a lot easier. Follow some writerly twitter chats like #litchat (m,w,f @ 4pm) or #yalitchat on w @ 9pm. Use Tweetdeck to jump into the conversation. Post all your old book reviews to give them a new life using tweetlater or hootsuite and use the hashtags #fridayreads or #read #ebook to talk up your reviews Have fun!

TinaFerraro said...

Thank you, LM! Lots for me to learn!