Monday, October 11, 2010

The Apple of My Eye!

This fall, I have been noticing how many people I know, on the east coast as well as the west, have been going apple picking. And reporting that there’s absolutely no better taste than a first bit into a fresh-of-the-tree apple.

I have never gone myself, but it’s definitely on my to-do list. What I have enjoyed is the bounty of my friends’ apple picking adventures. I’ve found my kitchen filled with bags of the sweet smelling fruit. And the question then was: what to do with all the apples?

I have a rather odd response to that, a recipe I saw in a magazine many years ago that is definitely a hit at the Ferraro house. I have tweaked it a little, and share it here with you:

Apple Sundaes

Sliced red apples (with skin)
Caramel sauce
Chopped nuts
Whipped cream.

Not only is this a “healthy” alternative to an ice cream sundae, but you can use non-dairy topping to make this lactose-free. And of course, leave the nuts off for those who are allergic.

Have you gone apple picking? And what are some ways that you or your family like to serve up apples?

5 fresh comments:

Robin said...

I've never gone apple picking either, but would really like to sometime. Our favorite way to eat apples - in October - is dipped in caramel! :)

Rain Maiden said...

Never gone apple picking, but i can eat a whole apple crisp by myself.

Janie Emaus said...

I've never gone apple picking. As for apple eating, I love a really sweet apple with peanut butter.

MD said...

We like to make apple pie, apple butter, and applesauce after picking apples!

VoiceplateDeals said...

UMMMM Apple Crisp!
but you have to say it like Homer Simpson