Friday, May 11, 2007

RWA’s Readers for Life

At the Romance Writers of America national conferences, they hold a “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing session, where over 400 authors sign books donated by the publishers, with the proceeds of sales going to literary charities.

The Lit Signing, as it is often called, is one of my favorite events. In fact, several years ago, I volunteered as a runner, and ended up with the dream job of badge checker at the Author Only Door. I got to hob-nob with every author who entered, put faces to names, exchange a few words. I was in Heaven!

At one point, three authors arrived together. Two had their badges prominently displayed, but at my angle, I could not see a badge on the third. So I said, “Excuse me” to her to get her to turn my way. She did and met my eye. Looking very much as she does here:

I sort of gasped, and backed away to let them all in. Can anyone tell me who that third author was? Does saying her books have spent a combined 116 weeks at the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list help? (And Kelly--no fair you jumping in!) And how funny is it that of all people, she was the one I questioned entering the Author Only Door!

Anyway, I am thrilled to add that this July 11th I am going to be one of those authors who gets to enter the Author Only Door, and sign for the literacy cause. If any of you attend the event, please come by my table and say hello!

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rosemary Clement-Moore said...

I'm going to be signing, too! Squee! Only I just realized that's going to make it hard to get books from other authors. Hmmm.

I started to write about my Nora Roberts encounter at the last RWA convention, but it turned into a freaking essay on how I'm a complete dork, so I posted it on my own blog. Hah hah! (Click my name, above, to link to my blog.)

TinaFerraro said...

Okay, Rosemary, I'm a dork because I can't find the essay on your blog! Is it under a side heading or something? Please advise!

And I'm guessing many of us have embarrassed-myself-with-Nora stories because her talent and success and aura renders us speechless or stupid???

About getting books from other authors...I know I get to sit next to the super-nice Barb Ferrer, and I'm hoping she'll tell people I'll Be Right Back so I can make a mad dash to get some books!

Rosemary Clement-Moore said...

Oh yeah. The BRB. That may work. Unless your line is so long you don't get a break. It could happen!

It wasn't there because I took a long time futzing with it. It's posted now.

Kelly Parra said...

I'm sorry to have to miss it this year, but will be there in 2008!

And I have yet to get the nerve to introduce myself to Nora at Nationals, even though I hear she's super nice to chat with. One of these times... :)

stephhale said...


You must be psychic, I was just wondering the other day how I was going to sign and get other author's books! With the ones I know personally, I knew I could just have you set one aside. But I absolutely HAVE to get one from NORA (that's hilarious, BTW) for a lady in my bookclub. I have a feeling my line won't be too long so maybe I can dash away real quick!

TinaFerraro said...

Rosemary, I read your blog entry, and loved it. Thanks for that!

And Kelly, how about we approach Nora together in '08? Hopefully she won't look at me and say, "Aren't you the one..."

And Steph, I suspect your line WILL be plenty long, but I'm sure you can work something out with a neighbor. And remember we're signing for each other!