Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Baby :)

That's right, many moons ago I was born on a chilly evening a week before the Christmas holiday. Some people have asked me, "Doesn't it suck to have your birthday so close to Christmas?" Actually, it's never really bothered me!

It's always been fun to see the Christmas decorations and everyone getting ready for the holiday while I anticipated my birthday. It's like getting Christmas early, then a week later visiting all my family members and enjoying a great, big feast, with much gift giving!

But I don't know, some December babies may not enjoy having their birthday in December. I cannot speak for them. All I know is that it has always been pretty cool for me.

Any YA Freshers with December birthdays? Happy Birthday month to you, and Happy Holidays!


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Dizneeee said...

Awww, happy birthday! My mom's is the 26th. She enjoys her birthdays now, but she said they weren't much fun when she was a kid. She didn't get birthday and Christmas gifts. She received a gift wrapped in Christmas paper. Heheh

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Thank you! Aw, the the 26th is pretty close. My sis-in-law's is Christmas eve, so I'm not sure if she enjoys it much either. :) :)

TinaFerraro said...

I have heard people with December birthdays complain they sometimes get combo/presents instead of two separate ones, but otherwise, I would think it would be fun, like you said!

SarahS. said...

Happy birthday! My birthday is in April, but my sister's birthday is December 22nd.

Janie Emaus said...

My granddaughter's BD is tomorrow and then it's Hanukah, followed by Xmas. It's a month of Happy Madness.

sunnynikki said...

Happy Birthday!
My niece's birthday is in December and we are just making a point to keep them separate events, no Christmas decorations or anything until after her party.
My birthday is in May and I love having the fun and gift giving spread out, I think my birthday in December would be a little too much excitement for me.

Leigh Purtill said...

Happy birthday, Kelly! My brother's b-day was Tuesday and he grew up getting an "extra special" single gift instead of 2. I don't know why we never tried doing a 1/2 birthday for him mid-year. Now that he's older he doesn't mind because people are in a celebratory mood anyway around this time of year!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Hey Tina, yeah, combo presents are a bummer! I've been lucky in that department. haha.

Hi Sarah, thank you! Happy Birthday to your sister!

Haha, Janie! Definitely keeps you busy!

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Sunnynikki, that's very nice for your niece! Yes, it is also nice to have your birthday spread out from the holidays. My kids are also lucky like that with June birthdays!

Thanks, Leigh, happy birthday to your brother! It's been fun hearing how families have grown up with holiday birthdays!

Thanks everyone for sharing!!!

yabooknerd said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

I'm also a December baby and I agree, it makes this time of year more magical!