Friday, July 02, 2010

Summer T-Shirt Contest!

Author Jenny O'Connell is celebrating the summer with an Island T-shirt contest in honor of her novels, Local Girls and Rich Boys!

Just click over to Jenny's blog @ and finish this sentence...

Summer is awesome because _______.

Then follow the directions and you'll be entered in the contest. Contest ends July 7th. Sounds fun and good luck!

3 fresh comments:

Erika Lynn said...

shhhh, dont publicize too much, I have been the only entry for a day!

TinaFerraro said...

LOL, Erika Lynn!

Great contest, Kelly, and thanks for posting this!

Gabby said...

Summer is awesome because there is no school. It is all about relaxing and doing what you want to do. It is your time a break from the real world. I personally think my favorite part is the beach. So summer is awesome because you can spend time on the beach :)