Monday, December 14, 2009

Amanda Ashby's Favorite Holiday Movie

Today we're happy to chat with New Zealand young adult author Amanda Ashby to find out which film she tends to watch again and again each holiday season...

"This isn't a seasonal one," Amanda tells us, "but for some reason I always watch it at Christmas: Clueless."

"Which is of course the best movie that has ever been made! Even my husband, who shies away from anything remotely teen or girlie, loves it. Such a perfect movie and of course it was a twist on one of my favorite books, Emma by Jane Austen!!! I still listen to the soundtrack all the time as well. Oh yes, I will live to be a major embarassment to my kids!!!!"

I love that movie, too, and still find the phrase "As if!" racing through my brain now and then. Weigh in and tell us if you have any favorite lines from that movie...or if you have a non-holiday movie as your holiday favorite, too.

Thanks for sharing with us, Amanda!

2 fresh comments:

yabooknerd said...

I LOVE this movie. it's absolutely perfect.

Kelly Parra said...

This movie is fun and laughs!! Thanks for sharing, Amanda!!