Monday, November 30, 2009

Rocking The House

I am going to admit something: when it comes to the video game, Rock Band, I completely forget my age. I have been known to sing and dance and jump--to channel my inner rock star. (When I think only loved ones are watching, of course.)

So when we had a 16-member Rock Band Throw-Down at a Ferraro Family Thanksgiving last weekend (4 teams, 4 players), I eagerly signed up. But when I got put on a team with an 8th grader, 10th grader and 11th grader, my head spun a bit, and I wondered if I should try to channel my inner 11th grader (like Parker of The ABC’s of Kissing Boys) to fit in.

But then I remembered: this was The Beatles version of Rock Band. I had a total advantage, and something I could bring to my team: I'd been singing Beatle songs pretty much every day my whole life. I was born for this!

So we went ahead, all four teams "performing" the same two songs. And over the course of the next hour or so, we saw some terrific stuff, some not-so-terrific stuff, and heard lots of applause and laughter. More important than which team won was the family camraderie, kids helping adults, adults helping kids...

There was tremendous cheering as the gift cards were handed out to the winners. I heard later that those gift cards could be used to download music to one's iPod, and what do you bet they'll be used for Beatle songs? Especially at my house since Beatles Rock Band is now on our Santa list!

So please tell us...have you played Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band? Do you find it to be good family fun, too?

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Janie Emaus said...

I played it last year and thought it was a lot of fun. But I was horrible at it. Still...I love to sing Beatles songs and I don't care who is listening.

Valerie said...

I'm so addicted to playing the drums in Beatles Rock Band! How fun!

Mrs. F-B's Books Blog said...

I am a madwoman guitarist. My husband bought the game for me last year for my birthday. I LOVE it. this year I asked for Dance, Dance Revolution. You should try that at your next family gathering. Both are a blast an a fun and funny way to cross the generations!

TinaFerraro said...

Thanks, Janie, Valerie and Mrs. F-B. Next up, we'll have to try DDR!

Kelly Parra said...

I have not played it yet! My family is all about adventure games, but if we come across a good deal we'll definitely snatch it up!

Sounds like a lot of fun!