Monday, February 25, 2008

Favorite Oscar Moment?

Most everyone watched The Academy Awards last night, right? Even if you had your algebra book, your sewing or your book revisions in your lap?

My favorite moment came in Jon Stewart’s opener about the Vanity Fair party, and how it had been canceled in honor of the writer’s strike. He joked that better yet, have it and invite writers. And then he added something like, “Don’t worry, they won’t mingle.” That gave me a LOL. For not only do I agree that many writers are introverts, but the screenwriters I’ve met totally fit that bill.

However, I’d like to add--for the record--that Vanity Fair can invite ME next year, and I’ll break the stereotype. (Just contact me here through YA FRESH, people. I’ve already got a perfectly pink unworn prom dress, ready to wear...haha.) you have a favorite moment from last night’s telecast?

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Janie Emaus said...

Hi Tina,
That's easy. I had two favorite moments. When Diablo Cody won for best screenplay and when hunky Javier Bardem spoke Spanish to his mom.
Overall, I thought it was a pretty uneventful show.


WannabeWriter said...

I definitely agree with Janie. I wanted Juno to win something, anything so much. I'm glad Diablo Cody won for her screenplay.

Another interesting moment was when the music cut off the second winner of Best Original Song as soon as she opened her mouth, and after the commercial break she had to come back onstage to give her thanks. How embarrassing.

<3 Paige

Kelly Parra said...

Sadly, I missed most of it! I was find it difficult finding the time these award shows begin. But I always love the Memoriam Montages of past winners, presenters, and those remembered. Very touching.

TinaFerraro said...

Janie, it's always cool when an "underdog" writer (someone who isn't established) wins, huh?

And yeah, Paige, the music cut-off and Jon Stewart bringing the winner back was memorable.

Kelly, I'm with you about the memoriam montages...and it was touching to see this year's end with Heath...

Sara Hantz said...

I'm with you too on the memoriam montages. I had it on (it was afternoon for us) but kept being disturbed. I also loved when Javier Bardem spoke in spanish to his mum.

I LOVE the red carpet beforehand.

stephhale said...

My favorite moment was when Diablo Cody won. I was so happy for her.
I was a little disappointed that they didn't include Brad Renfro in the memorial portion (he was the kid in The Client)and died of a drug overdose right before Heath.

TinaFerraro said...

Steph, you're right about Brad Renfro! I'm surprised he wasn't included, as well.