Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frank Portman, author of KING DORK, is officially cool.

He's probably been a pretty cool guy for a long time, but I've never met him. The only contact I had with him was months ago when I found him on myspace and I was friending a bunch of YA authors.

Frank Portman commented on my page: "Yo, Kelly! Ain't it crazy how we're all married. Happy writing and stuff/F"

The comment made me laugh. So I started reading his blog.

Now, onto why Frank Portman is cool. He founded the band the Mr. T Experience.

When he does guest appearances for his novel, he also plays his guitar and sings to the audience.

The movie rights to his book were bought by Will Ferrell's film company.

And now he's been written about in TIME magazine. You can't get any cooler than that.

Go, Frank Portman!

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