Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Top Two Favorite TV Heroes (at the moment)...

Skeet Ulrich is one of my new favorites as Jake Green--good looking and intense acting on the new show Jericho. I have to admit I never thought Ulrich as great when he was younger in other films like Scream, and The Craft, but now that he's older, I love how he plays Jake Green. I like those heroes who always want to do what is right, risk their life, and have that mysterious shady past that keeps creeping up on them. =D

Good looking = CHECK
Intense = CHECK
Rebel = CHECK
Heroic tendencies = CHECK

Michael Weatherly is one hero I fell for in Dark Angel and I was thrilled when he reappeared in NCIS with his character Tony DiNozzo, where he plays a cocky, casanova, film lover and NCIS agent. Now NCIS is one of my fave, fave shows. (When are they going to bring these shows out on DVD, is what I want to know?) Okay, so DiNozzo doesn't have a shady past, but he has a serious side he only lets out in intense situations, such as when his teammates are in danger, then he gets all heroic and will do whatever it takes to save lives. And at the moment, there have been hints he's deep undercover and only he and the Director know what's going on. Very mysterious, indeed.

Good looking = CHECK
Intense (when it counts) = CHECK
Rebel (when it counts) = CHECK
Heroic tendencies = CHECK

Good looking television heroes that risk their lives to save I ask for too much? Nah. ;)

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Tori Lennox said...

I love the character of Jake Green!!! And Tony DiNozzo is a hoot. :)

lgl said...

Love Skeet too! I uploaded the shower scene with Jake and Heather here:

And if you think he is gorgeous, rent, borrow, buy or steal Miracles-the complete series that he starred in. I loved Jericho, but Miracles was better, and Skeet was the star in it. He was AWESOME!

Kelly Parra said...

Yay, Tori, another Jake and Tony fan!
Hi lgl, lol! That is so cool you got the shower scene! Thanks for sharing it. =D

jakesgirl said...

A whole collection of Skeet Ulrich photos, videos and interviews can be found at

Check it out! Bring a drool bucket ;)

jakesgirl said...

Sorry, I meant