Monday, August 11, 2008

Carol Is In The HOT SEAT!

Tina: Hello, Carol! Thank you for being our fourth and final HOT SEAT Interviewee. Could you please tell us a little about your background and how you came to be a book reviewer?
Carol: I started reading at a young age and I loved how books were able to transport me in to their world. Growing up in a bad part of Los Angeles where there was a shooting every night, drug houses, and gangs prowling the streets, books were my escape. When we moved to Texas a couple of years back, I stopped reading for a while. *gasps* (Yeah I know this was a horrible thing for me to do. I still can't forgive myself.) The streets were much safer here. After we moved again to a smaller town, I re-discovered my love for reading. Since everyone at my school knew each other since babies, they rarely let new kids in. That year pretty much sucked, but I didn't really notice it since I always had my nose in a book. (YAY! I rekindled my affair with books.)

In March ’08, I was surfing the ‘net and came across a blog dedicated to reviewing books. Immediately, an idea started forming in my head "What if I started my own book reviewing blog?" I eventually did start one in April, but didn't really get into it until May/June.

Tina: Tell us how you typically go about reviewing a book. How do you make your choices? How long does it generally take you from the time you start reading the book to when you post your review?
Carol: After I finish reading the book, I think about it--the characters, plot, dialogue, and writing. If the book was great, then I give it a great review. If the book was so-so then I give it a good review. Now if I thought the book was really bad, then I give it a bad review and state my reasons. It depends on what time it is. If it's morning then I will post my review soon after I finished reading the book. If it's later in the afternoon, I take about 2-3 after I read the book to post my review. If it's night, then I will mostly likely post my review first thing the next morning. It just depends on the time of day.

Tina: Tell us, have you ever put down a book before writing the review, and if so, why?

Carol: Yes,I have. I was reading this book and it was just amazing. I put it down because I didn't want to finish it. I wanted for it to last longer but the waiting made me crazy. I also sometimes put books down if I can't get into them or if they're just so bad and I don't want to go on.

Tina: I have put down books I've loved to make them last longer, too! Now, have you found any favorite authors through the reviewing process, and if so, who?
Carol: Yes, I have. I found Melissa Walker, Megan Kelley Hall, C.K. Kelly Martin, Stephanie Kuehnert, Cherry Cheva, J.M. Warwick, Tera Lynn Childs, Kelly Armstrong, Jennifer Kogler, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Daphne Grab, Coert Voorhees and many more.

Tina: Some of our favorites, too! Last question: you're about to take off on a 14 hour international flight. Sure,they'll be movies and meals, but plenty of time to read, too. You can bring one book--either one you've already read, have been wanting to read, or one that's in the works like "Stephenie Meyer's latest." What's it going to be and why?
Carol: I would bring...hmm... this is hard. I have so many. Can't I just stuff as many books as I can in my carry-on bag? =) If I had no other choice, I guess I would bring City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. I can't wait for it to come out in March 29, 2009. (Which is BTW 11 days after my b-day!)

Tina: Thank you so much, Carol, for talking with us, and we look forward to seeing more of your reviews! And everyone, check out her site at BOOKLUVER-CAROL.

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Jessica Burkhart said...

Great interview! Off to check out her blog...:)

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Carol, it's so great of you to share with us!! Thanks so much!!

C. K. Kelly Martin said...

Nice interview, Carol!

Carolina said...

Thanks glad you all like it.

freewriter said...

Interesting interview! Check out your blog as well. Thanks for taking your time in the hot seat.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Awesome interview! I love Carol's blog. She is a reading maniac...I wish I could read as many books as she can in such a short amount of time! :)
And reviewing books really does let you meet a lot of different authors. Good stuff.


Liv said...

Awesome interview! I love your blog. :)

Also, I've added the YA Fresh link to my blog, if you want to do a link exhange.

Kelly (Lynn) Parra said...

Thanks, Everyone! I'll definitely check out your blogs! :)